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Behind Closed Doors: The Reality of Rejected Teacher Demos for Home Tuitions"

A teacher's role is not only to teach their own subjects or imparting knowledge but also sparking students interest in the subjects Here are some points  tutor should follow in demo class.

Igniting Interest: A teacher should not only teach students but also ignite their interest in subjects.

Motivation: Teachers should motivate the students and connect the topics with real- world applications For example - if teacher is teaching physics, teachers should explain students What is physics?  Where  we use it in our daily life ?  And  purpose of studying the physics and it's future applications.

Daily Life Examples: Teachers should connect each topic with daily life examples.

Using Technology: Teachers can use animations on their phones to make topics more engaging.

Clarity: Teachers should make topics crystal clear in students' minds.

Preparation: Teachers should prepare topics at home to provide different examples to students.

Inappropriate Behavior-If tutor show unprofessional and inappropriate behaviour in front of parents and students then there is a high chances of reject a demo class

In conclusion, teachers play a important role in shaping students futures by igniting their interest, providing motivation, and making subjects relevant to their lives.


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