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The Impact of New Coaching Industry Guidelines on Home Tutoring Business: A Comprehensive Analysis

India`s growing private coaching industry has been flooded by student suicide (as per

the reports in every one and half hour a student tries to commit suicide in India ),fire incidents during running class forcing students to risk there life and complaints of poor infrastructure such as Compact classes, less ventilation and charging highly exorbitant fees by claiming to offer structured curriculum, making misleading promises

and guarantee rank or good marks.

source -The wire

The outbreak of student suicide in India majorly in Kota Rajasthan has awaken the ministry of education to issue new guidelines with states that coaching center cannot register students below 16 years of age make fake promises regarding good rank and numbers

The new guidelines will surely give a boost private home tuition as private home tuitions provides the student with personal attention and customize learning environment according to the base and needs although it may be costlier then the coaching center ,private home tuitions help those children who have introvert nature or considered themselves less then others or are weak in some subject, helping children conceptually understand issues.

Which Builds student Confidence by giving right amount of personalized help and trust, eventually construct skills in their abilities as they receive timely advice and support from their tutor. A home teacher can build a tailored learning plan focusing on the student's weak subject and topics, motivating them to stop rote oriented learning, timely and regular support to the student can result improvements in better grades and marks making his/her parents proud and valued for money

Overall, home tuition can be a useful resource for children below 16 years, weak student and those who are preparing for IIT NEET and other other competitive exams by providing them Highly qualified tutor, guidance, and confidence to succeed academically.

DOONDECK has been giving home tuition for about 5 years and currently giving more than 400 home tuition a year and number are growing year by year as we believe in creating a safe environment for children where he /she with the help of teacher can strengthen there base and prosper in different fields whichever dreamt by them because each and every child is born with different skills and talent and we the DOONDECK are there to help

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